Wash and Care instructions

In our experience, the best way to keep your clothing as fresh as the day that you got them is to follow some simple wash & care instructions.

  • Always wash with similar colors together. (Especially white clothes)
  • Turn the piece inside-out before washing.
  • Machine wash at max 30°.


Once washed, hang the garment up to dry. Do this as quickly as possible to prevent the garment from becoming dried out.


  • Avoid the dryer at all costs. Heat is the enemy of all cotton garments.
    The heat fundamentally changes the cotton in the weave, noticeably causing the sleeves to shorten and changing how the garment feels when worn.

  • Most washers have a spin cycle that gets most of the water out of the garment. Use that instead and hang dry afterward!

    If your washer doesn't have a spin cycle, don't worry! Just give the garment a squeeze after washing to get the excess water out.

  • Obviously, never iron on the print. Just turn the garment inside-out and iron on the reverse side of the print.

Annnnnnnd.. That's it! Simple, right?

That's just some basic shits that most of peoples know, but still..

Anyway, enjoy your Koyo Studio clothes!